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Protecting your Investment one customer at a time

Centurion IV provides high level Receivables Management services for a broad spectrum of clientele, principally in the recovery of outstanding accounts receivables, representing both major and local institutions alike. Our ensuing growth and the combined enduring success of our partners over the last two decades have meshed together to create lasting client relationships and provide best-in-class representation.We are committed to revolutionizing the industry through compliance, customer service, client satisfaction, and strategic planning.It is our desire to provide the best experience possible for all that do business with Centurion IV.

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Customer Service

More than just a commitment, our promise to restore our Customer's financial health.



We absolutely promise to treat each and every Customer fairly.

source Centurion IV has a dedicated Compliance Department and a robust compliance program that is forward thinking in its design.  Great attention is paid to issues pertaining to case-law as well as legislative and regulatory guidelines.  With oversight by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) a new reality, Centurion IV continues to conduct itself with the greatest possible degree of compliance.


Abraham Lincoln Essay When allowed by law, our phone calls are recorded for client, consumer and  Centurion IV’s protection.

follow link We comply fully with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the code of ethics as adopted by the American Collectors Association.Centurion IV maintains at least $1,000,000 of errors and omissions coverage to assure our clients that we have the assets with which to back up our Client Protection Agreement.


All collection practices employed by Centurion IV adhere to all applicable state and federal regulations.

Our Legal Department works proactively on industry-related legislative initiatives to benefit our clients, and monitors internal, operational compliance to all statutes, such as HIPAA.


Centurion Iv is passionate about treating all of our Customers with fairness and respect.


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