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watch Centurion IV provides high level Receivables Management services for a broad spectrum of clientele, principally in the recovery of outstanding accounts receivables, representing both major and local institutions alike. Our ensuing growth and the combined enduring success of our partners over the last two decades have meshed together to create lasting client relationships and provide best-in-class representation.We are committed to revolutionizing the industry through compliance, customer service, client satisfaction, and strategic planning.It is our desire to provide the best experience possible for all that do business with Centurion IV.

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Dental Credit Solutions

Having to handle unpaid accounts is probably one of the most difficult tasks a dental office administrator deals with and oftentimes interferes with the multitude of other daily responsibilities. Increased patient self-pays are only making the problem worse. Internally, there’s only so much that you can do. People move, and your statements come back. You leave messages, and rarely get return calls. It doesn’t take long before you feel like you are spinning your wheels and throwing good money after bad. You have enough to do without having to deal with a growing receivable aging report.

Centurion IV solves this problem with proven collection solutions that recover a significant percentage of this lost revenue at less expense than you could ever do it in-house. Better yet, your staff’s valuable time and resources can be redirected to your current and insurance pending accounts.

Whether you are a small sole practitioner dental practice, an oral surgeon, an orthodontist or endodontist with multiple locations, we have direct experience and the right solution for you. We are HIPAA compliant and understand the nuances of charity care and insurance reimbursement. Most importantly, we pride ourselves both in our liquidation results and our ability to maintain your reputation and relationship with your patients and in the community, as we understand how important that is to your practice.

Dissertation Country Of Origin Quick facts about us…

  • Dental collection specialists – our dental collection team has an average 10 years of direct experience within the dental industry. Compare this to your current agency.
  • HIPAA-compliant – we know how important confidentiality is with PHI.
  • Cost-effective dental collection solutions with liquidation rates double the national average.
  • Pioneers of the PHD collection philosophy that uses a firm but professional approach that always "Preserves Human Dignity" and, most importantly, prevents alienating your patient so they can resolve their account yet still contact you for future services if you choose.

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